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Marcus "Esports" Howard is a lifelong gamer, serial entrepreneur, featured speaker and international startup advisor. He started his career in the gaming industry in 2013, building ProjectMQ to solve game discovery, the biggest problem in the global gaming industry. In 2019, Marcus pivoted ProjectMQ into MetArena, helping brands of any size use video games to digitally engage their employees and customers. He recently published "Innovate: Gaming & Esports" to teach gamers, parents, teachers, and brands about the business and STEAM career opportunities in the $180B gaming industry:


In 2020, The Game Awards selected Marcus as one of 50 professionals for "Future Class", a worldwide cohort of leaders building a more inclusive future for the gaming industry. Last year, LinkedIn selected him as one of its ecosystem's top 20 voices for sports. He's the host of the "GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse" podcast, which features conversations with the top innovators in blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse. Marcus invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn:

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