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A look into some college choices

Our College VR Tours aims to give students a look at great potential college choices. We give provide information on schools and campuses, as well as a focused look at the collegiate esports space.

Select a college to start your VR tour

New York Institute of Technology

Manhattan, NY

Long Island, NY


Harrisburg University

Harrisburg, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Harrisburg UG.jpg

Butler University

Irvington, IN

Fairview, IN


Stay tuned for more college showcases

Learn more about great LAN centers for gaming.

LAN tours will give looks into some of the finest gaming centers in and around the 5 burrows. If your looking for a gaming center or stream lab, look no further

Select a LAN center to start your VR tour

TAP Esports Center

Edison, NJ

Philadelphia, PA


Stay tuned for more LAN center showcases


We offer lessons detailing campus, staff & program information

We offer lessons detailing campus, staff & program information, available through our esports program! Follow us.

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