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Here, you will find walk-throughs of official NBA 2K League facilities, and learn a bit more about the players and where they play

Listen to some of our interviews with 2K League players and officials as we connect the state-of-play to what we teach to our students through what we call, the

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Esporting mind

Esporting mind takes a closer look at SEL elements and links them to the experiences of esports pro and casual players, making it relatable. Focusing in on 5 key components; Character, Leadership, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Communication, we keep these key points in mind to structure our approach to further spark the connection between education and esports.

Quick Takes

CEI Esports team interviews league players from an esporting mind perspective on our visits to their facilities. The following esporting mind keys apply:
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Brendan Donohue

President of the NBA 2K League

Brendan Donahue sits with Vincent Valerio to talk 2K, Championships and more!

(Interview Except, full interview coming soon)

League Facility Tours

Walk through some of the premier gaming facilities found in the NBA 2K League.
(New Tours Coming)
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